Bank Vault

March 29, 2022

"The Vault Cafe is a cafe, restaurant, and live music venue located in Nanaimo, BC."

Part of the scandal-ridden Rattenbury legacy in Nanaimo... Merhcants Bank of Canada... turned cultural and eatery venue...

With its pink exterior…

Xmas tree

Soundtrack from a Wes Anderson film

Stands out in Nanaimo as the singular purveyor of rich euro American musical culture, folk, punk and unpretentious hip; it’s like being in a film…

An eclectic museum of antique oddities and folk kitsch
No less than 12 hanging lamps and chandeliers
No less than 17 floor and table lamps, +3 in the bathrooms
Verdant and fecund with plants life.. distributed and growing
Building itself = a testament to old financial opulence,

Take music seriously
Local bands and deejays
Stage  with built in floor speakers, stage lighting, 19 sound panels
Deejay booth
Old mixing board

Steady classic Background soundtrack… testament…see above…

A hangout for VIU students, locals, Nanaimo newcomers…, dropping in from the north end
Runners and Cold dippers from departure bay dropping by to warm up

Artful chalkboard menu
Great brunch specials
Glass cased Baked goods
Three regional taps
A modest but stocked bar

A thrift store at the back beside the kitchen and vault bazaar showrooms upstairs

Friendly, cozy, and lively vibe

With a wide variety of seating - old church pews, plus arm chairs, bar stools, half level up booth, marble top Parisian cafe rounds, one family style nine-seater dining table, front window bar style seats
Square wooden tables

Grand arched windows, 20 foot ceilings, bathed in natural light, but lamps make it cozy inside even on the greyest coldest rainiest Nanaimo day…

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