Nanaimo: A City Waking Up To Itself

October 25, 2021
Brutally Local, Brutally International

"fearing attack by... tribe.. shot.."

intense as a local experience.. harbor, protected.. retirement..

but also a place with a reputation..

one forgets that the city formed as an international relationship... between first nations, then modern colonial nation states..

sprawling... many Nanaimos...

...wears its problems on its sleeve.
And its downtown residents are increasingly less shy about them....

Industrial, rugged, gritty, a city starting to take pride in itself... a sprawling, windingly diverse community of....

The city of Nanaimo is a classic West Coast community, offering natural beauty at every turn, and vast recreation potential. Nanaimo has one of the longest shorelines in Canada, and a forested mountain backdrop just outside downtown. Here, you can go from the wilderness to the city centre in just a few minutes, and spend more time in the places you want to be.

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